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Our third contributor: Rachel Sender

Rachel Sender is a graphic designer in her mind but an illustrator at heart. She is gradually filling more and more of her time drawing, painting and experimenting with new techniques, always in search of the ideal outcome.

Rachel worked in several design studios in Barcelona, where she originates from, before relocating to the Netherlands in 2008 in search of a refreshing change of scenery. Since then she has run her own studio offering graphic design and illustration. Her versatile practice is foremost defined by her deftness as a tried and trusted professional, her willingness to explore and her inability to say no to a titillating creative challenge.

As her studio enters its 5th year it has gathered a wide variety of satisfied clients and a breadth of projects that include logo, web and layout design, music album covers, infographics, product photography amongst many others.

She enjoys plants, taking photos, staring at people, screen printing, filling her own and other people's tummies, drawing, movies, finding hidden places, and reckless dancing.

More about Rachel:
Website: www.rachelsender.com
Blog: rachelsender.blogspot.nl
Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/rachelsender

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